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LWVIC is a founding member of the Solar United Neighborhood Co-op - Indiana County

The LWVIC is a supporting member of the Indiana County Solar Co-op. In September, 2018 at our second Sustainable Economy Summit, Henry McKay from Solar United Neighbors presented on the concept and benefits of Solar Co-Ops in Pennsylvanian communities. In response, Peter Broad of Indiana Borough Council stood up and said, “We want that here in Indiana!” The Co-op formed in Indiana with about 70 people coming to the initial meeting to talk about the Co-op. Since then, the Solar Co-Op has become so successful that installations are still going up. By the end of the contract-signing period, the first Solar Co-Op had over 90 participants and 20 signed installation contracts. This exceeds the success of any other Co-Op in the state, with the runner-ups including the Upper Ohio Valley Co-op with 64 participants and 8 installations, and Allegheny County Co-Op with 51 participants and 10 installations. Over the next 25 years, it is projected that the members of the Indiana Solar Co-Op will save well over $1 million, and will reduce their carbon emissions by 5.2 million lbs.

Solar United Neighbors hosted its second annual Pennsylvania Solar Congress last Saturday (Feb 15th), in Blairsville at the Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Conference Center. Blairsville was selected as the location for the event due to the overwhelming success of Indiana County’s Solar Co-Op, and because planners for the event hoped Blairsville’s proximity to Allegheny and Westmoreland County would attract individuals from across southwest PA. The conference included lunch, an electric car show, training sessions, a book signing, informative presentations, and breakout sessions. Over 150 people were in attendance; the event ended with a post-congress happy hour.

At the PA Solar Congress Solar United Neighbors launched a second contract-signing period with emphasis on local businesses. People are welcome to sign up until the deadline of May 1, 2020. For more information on the Indiana County Solar Co-Op, and dates and times for informational sessions visit:

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Rooftop Solar and Homeowner Rights:

What Pennsylvania Can Learn from Ohio’s New Solar Access Law

Last year, a bipartisan group of Ohio legislators passed a sweeping Homeowners Association (HOA) reform bill into law, formerly Senate Bill 61. A key provision of this law is that HOAs may not restrict their members from installing solar on their own property, also known as a solar access law. During this webinar, hear from an Ohio legislator, a solar installer, a homeowner, and a homebuilder who helped to pass this solar access law in Ohio. Discover what motivated them as business owners and organizations to get involved, and learn the lessons they share for passing a bipartisan solar access law that protects homeowner property rights and helps local businesses grow. Join us!

A webinar from Solar United Neighbors

Monday, January 23rd at 10:00 am

Register here: